Digital marketing might have become mainstream, but there is still scope for print media to create a positive impact for small businesses that cannot invest in large scale marketing strategies. Print media largely consist of newspapers, magazines, direct mail, posters and billboards. Although considered to be obsolete marketing strategies they can still convince the goodness of a brand they represent to selective target audience. Print media can also give equal or better cost benefits provided they are planned for in advance. Here are some of the common print media marketing modes that still retain their charm:


With every household beginning their day with a newspaper in hand, there can never be a day, when newspapers advertisements can be written off as marketing techniques. Advertisements can be printed in newspapers through agreements entered into with the newspaper company. One may have to seek the help of advertising agencies who sell these advertisement slots in newspapers. The cost of newspaper ads depend on the size of the advertisement. From few centimeters to full page scale, it is possible to use newspaper ass to create a significant boost to a brand’s recognition.


Magazine advertisements offer a plethora of options for advertisements. Magazines come in specific topics that make it easy to select a magazine that reaches a target audience easily. Brands can choose from various genres of magazines like travel, hobbies, news, fashion, health, sports, current affairs, etc. There are also specific types of magazines that are delivered to certain professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. It is possible to enter into months, quarterly or yearly advertisement agreements with advertising agencies that will ensure that the promotional content is published in the magazine as per the agreed schedule.

Outdoor print media advertising

There is nothing like a creatively designed and strategically positioned corporate video production services in Brisbane poster or billboard. As a matter of fact, billboards have been considered to be a culture of the golden era of the Industrial revolution where businesses were expanding rapidly. Even today posters and billboards go a great deal in helping brand announce their presence in a geographical location easily and quickly. They are cheap, can be used for a long period of time and can be reused again for another product or a different promotional content.

Direct mail

Most of us have shifted to using inboxes than mailboxes but none of us miss to check if there is a mail or bill that has been mailed. Direct mail is a great way of reaching customers directly and ensuring that the advertisement effort is not ignored. Moreover, it is possible to reach out to a large geographical area through direct mail than with any other mode of print media.

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So, you decided to organize a corporate party. You will want to hire the best event management team to efficiently and smartly render the program without losing the flow. Event management team has efficient and experienced talent pool that communicates and interacts with your guests fluently for any type of occasions, including product launching, gallery view, press launches, private events, etc.

Many companies and organizations today conduct exhibitions and shows to promote their brand name. This is when an event management team is chosen to provide the show with enough hospitality services. Good and reliable event management agency would have a proper understanding of the occasion. They know who will attend the program and how the occasion will be implemented.

Importance of hiring event management agency

• Most companies hire events agency that is suitable for the particular show. These service providers know the specific requirements of the company and so, they work accordingly.

• Professional service team offers best staff and other amenities to ensure the occasion is managed in the best possible manner.

• Since the success and reputation of the agency lies in the success of the event, they deliver their best for successful execution of the program that is assigned to the agency.

• Event management team offers the best solutions and services to their clients regarding the occasion or event.

• They assign the most efficient, reliable and experienced staff for the gathering and make it really memorable.

• They offer different types of event management services, including live production, ad programs, customer interaction, etc.

• Corporate companies hire event management agencies to convert their dream into reality. Agencies has the expertise and ability to make the event highly effective using the support and assistance of highly skilled and professional in-house team.

It can be a product launching or a trade show or a private event. A good and reliable event management agency makes it as efficient and successful as they can. They assign trained, energetic, reliable and enthusiastic professionals to make the event a grand success and memorable for months to come.

With a perfect and efficient team of management, you can relax and enjoy the program at the fullest. The agency assigns well communicated and presentable team to conduct the event and to entertain your guests. These personnel are dedicated to deliver the best and effective service in a professional and friendly manner. 

Hence, with the right and reliable event management agency, you can more focus on welcoming your guests and interacting with them. Choose the responsible and reputed agency to hand over the responsibilities of the event. Apart from the staff for the event, agency will also assign bar staff and waiting staff if needed.

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Are you a student of Fashion College and want to put your own fashion show? Organising a fashion show calls for a lot of considerations. No wonder, it’s one of the most challenging tasks. Whether you are an individual organiser or hosting a fashion show on behalf of your company or throwing a fashion show party at home, you would have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities.

You might be willing to design you own clothing line and put up for the audience to see them, All in all, you want to showcase your creativity in a great show. So, here are some tips to host a great fashion show and gain exposure.

Draw up a budget for the show. How much can you afford at the most taking into account the unexpected costs? Figure out how wisely you can spend to get the optimal results. Try and find some good sponsors from everywhere.

Select a theme of your fashion show. Your designs might be enough to draw inspiration for a theme. Select the one that represents the emotions conveyed through your designs. You can hire event management companies in this regard. This would be a wise act as the professionals would have flair in conducting events in a flawless manner. Choose the one who can offer you their services at competitive rates.

While entrusting the responsibility of conducting the entire show on the event management companies, you can have the peace of your mind. You can make your own decoration or take the help of the professionals. Buy cheap light fixtures and fabrics to set up the mood. Also, you can use flowers, spray paints, wooden boards, old tires, etc. to create amazing designs. Put up a good music that fit with your overall theme, you can also consult a great corporate event planners.

Choose the venue
In a small-budget fashion show, you can choose an outdoor venue like a city alley that is well lit of an unused park, etc. You can be creative with your choosing of the location. Make sure you discuss it with your event manager before putting up the structure in the venue.

Send out invitations to the audiences mentioning the date and location of your fashion show.

Organising a fashion show single handed is not a piece of cake. It would need a strong team work where you will need assistance and cooperation of a lot of people to make it a success. Especially, if you are an aspiring student of fashion designing, you would be eager to have your own successful fashion show to gain experience and money.

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If you are running a business, you must know the importance of marketing and product display. It depends on the promotion, marketing and advertisement of products that how the product will be accepted and sold in the market. It is highly essential to display the advantages and benefits of any product and make sure that it reaches out to the customers in mass. This essentially ensures distribution of product information to customers to make them equipped with adequate product details in order to make their choice of purchase. However, there are various effective methods and styles of display units to promote your product apart from a graphical representation of the product through commercial advertisements.
Promotional display signage is a visual representation dedicated to public information or awareness purposes. It can be significantly used for displaying directions, maps, company advertisement, product promotions etc. A signage essentially displays information about the product and of course the company name. This elaborates the purpose of using signage as promotional tools by many companies, since it is an excellent tool for mass communication. Signage is a potential tool for enhancing sales and is used as a useful marketing tool. But it has to captivating with proper highlighting colors, fonts, size and shapes to catch the attention of people immediately.
Again in an edging competitive market, different strategic marketing implementations are required. Setting up an exhibition booth has a lot of advantage in active promotion and marketing. A booth not only exhibits your products but represents your company and shows your potential in a magnified way. It not only displays product but is also a cost effective method of marketing. People get a chance to see the products right in front of them and test it before they buy it. This exclusively gives them an opportunity to get a direct impression of the products.
Attractive measures are taken every day for marketing and to captivate the eyes of public in a catchy way. Nowadays, a new method that has popped out of many creative thinking is feather flags or feather banner. These are feather shaped banners attached to stands. These are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. The effective benefit of these banners is that they are cheap and come in great attractive colors and shapes. These effectively promote your products, for these can be fixed or attached anywhere, at street corners, in front of shops etc. These banners also help to show directions.
A variety of campaigns are required to promote a single product. It is a core theory of business, that the more effective promotion you do, the more scope of profit you have. One of the different promotional equipments includes printing brochures. Brochures are elaborate profiles of the company that give detail information about the company in a sophisticated way. However when these leaflets are kept in an unorganized way, they make an untidy impression instead of an effective one. This is when you require brochure display stands to neatly organize your leaflets and to give it a fashionable and creative touch. Thus, the purpose lies in the core motif, to attract the public to pay attention to the ad or promotion.

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